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Adoption Hours

Mondays 6pm-7pm

Saturdays 2pm-3pm



Fill out an Adoption Application and email it to Judy or bring it with you when you visit us.  

Adoption Coordinator: Judy 

Phone: 781-534-4902


Adoption Fees


$250: kittens 0-6 month

$450 for a kitten pairs

$200: young cats 7-11 months 

$175: adult cats 1-7 years  

$125: senior cat: 8 years plus

Check out Petfinder to see our adoptable cats. Come in during Adoption Hours and meet the cat that interests you. You can also call Judy, our Adoption Coordinator, and she will tell you a little bit about the cats you see online. She will also ask you about the type of cat (sex, breed, age, personality) you are seeking. Finding out about your home and family ensures that we find the best possible match for our adopting families & our pets. Please note that if you request a specific advertised cat, we may not proceed with an adoption if we do not feel it is a good mutual fit. Once a great match is made, potential adopters will fill out an adoption application. We will contact personal and veterinary references.  

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