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Hull Seaside Animal Rescue

Shelter Operations Manager (SOM)

Interested Candidates should email a resume and a brief cover letter to

Job Requirements 

  • Experience managing an office and communicating professionally with the public and with individuals within an organization. Evidence of organizational skills required

  • Experience working with animals and/or veterinary tech skills preferred 

  • Computer proficiency required (working in Excel, internet ordering, & email)

  • Excellent communication skills (speaking and writing) and attention to detail are essential. Evidence of communication skills required.

  • Residence within 15 miles of Hull preferred

  • Must love cats  

  • 20-30 hours, 5 days a week

  • Be able to lift 20 lbs. without health risk

  • Equal opportunity employer


Job Description

Cat Health and Well-Being

  • Manages overall feline health care at the shelter and is the primary point of contact with veterinarians regarding illnesses, administering medications, vaccination needs etc.

  • Evaluates the health and behavior of each cat daily

  • Transports cats for treatment (car and MA driver’s license required)

  • Evaluates potential feline intakes and arranges for arrival  

  • Coordinates Foster Program, working closely with foster parents

  • Available to handle feline emergency situations 

  • Works with volunteers to ensure that best practices are followed 

  • Engages in professional development, keeping current with best practices 


Maintenance of Shelter: Record-keeping & Shelter Cleanliness and Upkeep  

  • Maintains and updates individual records for every shelter resident 

  • Records all intakes and adoptions of cats in the Shelter Log 

  • Oversee the cleanliness of the shelter and the functioning of the facility

  • Manages the inventory of cat food, litter, medical, and office supplies. 

  • Innovates and improves shelter operations and procedures. 

  • Will be required to perform additional duties as needs arise.  


Communication with Board of Directors, Public, Volunteers, and Vendors

  • Reports monthly to a board member to communicate shelter needs 

  • Provides a regular, detailed written update to all shelter volunteers  

  • Responds promptly to telephone messages and emails  

  • Maintains shelter Facebook and social media accounts with regular updates  

  • Maintains regular, posted hours as receptionist, receiving shelter visitors  

  • Communicates in a professional, respectful, & compassionate manner in all interactions.

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